Shop Information

Address  116Shimazucho Fushimiku Kyoto Japan
Phone 075-621-9906
Business hours

10 am-10 pm open all year round .

2nd floor “110yen market” Only Friday Saturday Sunday 0 pm- 4:30 pm

Buying hours 10 am-9:30 pm
  • You can sell until 50kg per 1 group.
  • You can sell one item or a small amount.
  • Please wait at Zaccabacker until we finish the assessment.
Operating license of secondhand shop KYOTO611099510011
You can pay by credit card and
a lot of kinds of smartphone payments.
  • Credit card
  • Prepaid transportation cards
  • Pay Pay
  • auPAY
  • d払い
  • QUICPay
  • Apple Pay
  • 楽天Pay
  • iD

By bus from Kyoto station

  • Kyoto city bus No. 81 .From Kyoto station ANANTI to NISHI TANBABASHI
  • 23 minutes
  • 9 minutes walk
  • Zaccabacker

By train


    2)Kintetsu Railway :【TANBABASHI】,or  【MOMOYAMAGORYOMAE】
  • 25 minutes walk
  • Zaccabacker



How to sell


Bring the items you want to sell to the store.


The staff will keep the items and explain how to sell them.


If you agree to sell, please fill out the sales consent form.


I will give you a number tag. Please wait inside the store.
You cannot go out during the assessment.


We will assess with the fastest and politeness in Kyoto!


After the assessment is completed, the staff will explain the assessment.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


If you are satisfied with the appraisal, please write today's date and your name on the consent form.


You can sell up to 50kg per group.(one day.)
50kg = 10 bags of 45L size.

You can sell one item or a small amount !

Purchase item list


If you have any questions about selling items, please see here.Please contact us if you can't find the answer here.

Can I sell any kind of clothes?

We buy clothing related items such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, protectors and belts.Even children's clothes are OK.
☆Books, CDs, games, furniture appliances, and stuffed animals cannot be sold.
☆You can sell up to 50 kg per day. (1 group).We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
You can sell even in small quantities.You can sell one item or a small amount.

Should old clothes be washed or cleaned?

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.You don't have to wash old clothes.Please be assured that not washing will not affect the assessment.

I just want to know the price.

It is possible to tell only the price.If you are satisfied with the purchase price, please sell it to us.If you are not satisfied with the purchase price, please take the item home with you.
(If you have an item you want to sell, you can also sell it individually.)
However, it is not possible to inquire about prices over the phone.
Please be sure to bring the items you want to sell to the store.

What can you sell besides clothes?

Shoes, bags, hats, belts, gloves and mufflers are OK!And we also buy accessories.
We will buy even if it is not a branded item!
I buy all the items that you don't use.

Do you have what you need when you sell?
If the purchase amount is 10,000 yen or more, your ID is required.
Can I sell items if I am under 18?
Persons under the age of 18 may not sell items.
Until what time can I sell?

Reception hours are from 10:00 to 21:30 every day. Open all year round.

Can I go out during the assessment?
I'm sorry. Please wait in the store during the assessment.
Sundays and public holidays are crowded, so the waiting time may exceed one hour.
Come and sell your items when you have time.
If you want to know the waiting time, please call us.➡☎ 075-621-9906
Can I sell my kimono?

You can sell it.We accept daily, but it will be assessed one item at a time.
Only 1 yen, 10 yen, and 100 yen per item are assessed.
We hold "Kimono sales consultation meeting" irregularly.There, appraisers appraise each item.

Tell me how to sell!

Check here for details

Are the assessed prices of summer clothes and winter clothes the same regardless of when they are sold?

Check here for details!

Our purchase price is different in summer and winter.
However, we will buy clothes even if they are out of season as long as one yen is enough.

Second-hand clothes fluctuate wildly, and it is difficult for the staff to predict the price.
We recommend selling when you want to put away your clothes!